2017, Taskworld

Layered in months of customer insights and feedback, then put together a brand new and immersive website experience.



Taskworld is a project and task management tool, designed to help executives, managers, team leaders and even freelancers to manage projects and tasks in an easy, flexible and visual way. I had the privilege to join the Product and Design team as Senior Experience Designer, tasked with overseeing the user and customer experience, end-user touchpoint and signup conversion for the company's product platform and website.

The design team's functions are split among 2 business divisions, Marketing and Product. Each designer is given the ownership and accountability to design, iterate and communicate changes whenever a new or improved feature or artefact has been shipped.


Our design backlog consists of marketing landing pages, design system updates and documentation, new requests or features in the pipeline, that demands effort and resources. To better manage this, we have the designers working in 2 parallel streams, adopting a 2-week agile sprint and a 1-week design sprint to iterate, test and deliver features in quality and with speed.


Together with our Head of Design, we developed a strategy piece to leverage our Product and Web teams in task prioritisation, addressing complex design challenges and utilising collected data (Heatmaps and funnels) to ensure we design with intent and with purpose. 

We reviewed existing journey flows, developed a monitoring and evaluation framework that'll allow the team to execute and deliver the work at the highest standards. Our UX champions had all web and editorial design artefacts, user flows, summarised heuristic evaluation and journey analysis mapped on huge wallboard.


Measuring the impact and outcome with heatmaps

In the span of 2 months, the team created a series of design artefacts for web and marketing landing pages, had existing web elements updated. With every public release, we set out to measure the outcome with Google Analytics and Hotjar.

We use Hotjar's projected heatmap results and data to inform us of areas where we need to be better and improve upon. We then feedback these findings to the team, product tribes during our monthly design review.

Product squad

Design Lead

Pratyush Pandab

Senior Product Designers

Jason Pang, Namju Lee

Junior Designer and Illustrator

Posachet Kositpatana


Jarindr Thitadilaka


Jessada Trirongkit

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